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Bird Training

Birds, trained with totally positive methods soon become your partner in training.  Wendy trained many problem pet birds, who were given up because of aggressive behavior during her years of training professional shows.  They loved training and soon were well mannered performers.  Wild caught birds also responded the same way.  Teach them to do a few tricks and they are no longer fearful or aggressive.  

Wendy now helps pet bird owners to enjoy the same benefits of positive reinforcement training.  Your birds may never perform before an audience but the beneficial side effects to training 'trick' behaviors at home is still the same.


E-Mail List for Bird Training

Bird-Click, the e-mail list based at, was started by Melinda Johnson and Wendy Jeffries in 1997.   They have counseled thousands of pet bird owners who learn to give up the old force-based traditional bird training methods.  

Teaching a bird tricks using a clicker and treats builds a great relationship with your bird.  Once familiar with the training process, you can use the same methods to teach no-stress nail filing and wing trimming.  

To join Bird-Click send an e-mail to:


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