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Even stubborn 
terriers and hounds love training with 
clicker and treats.

A beagle puppy practices his sit-stay .

You can teach 
a bloodhound 
to leave a hotdog 
alone with totally reward-based training.

Dog Training 

Train your dog with gentle but effective methods!

Wendy teaches dog obedience classes in a variety of locations. She also
does private sessions at her training facility or your home.

Group classes are $55 for a six-week session.

Classes      Click here for locations and starting dates.
Puppies Only Class: (3-6 months)
Location - Wendy's training facility, west Hemet, CA

Basic obedience and puppy problem-solving. The indoor/outdoor facility has fenced areas for obedience and playtime socialization. Puppy-style agility obstacles add a fun way to proof their new obedience skills of Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walking on loose leash, Heel, Attention to handler, and more.

Juvenile Delinquent Class

This is basic obedience for overgrown puppies to adults, held at Wendy's training facility. It is Saturday mornings to handle the overflow from the popular Puppy Class. It welcomes puppies too old for Puppy Class (plus adults) and thus the humorous name. Sit, Down, Stay, Come when called from a distance, Attention to handler, Loose leash walking, Heel, and Leave it, plus more are covered. They proof their new skills while sampling a little agility too!

Basic Obedience Class

Adult classes cover Sit, Down, Stay, Come when called from a distance, Attention to handler, Walking on loose leash, Heel and more. Dogs wear a buckle collar or head halter if they are a challenge to control. You will learn to set the dog up to succeed so you can reward him for his good choices.

Agility Class

Train in agility for competition or fun at Wendy's fully fenced and lighted training facility in west Hemet. Classes are on-going. Join any time. Morning and evening classes, beginners through competition level. Call to discuss which classes are available at your dog's level. If your dog is able, but you are not, Wendy is happy to do the running for you and even competes with other owner's dogs.

Canine Good Citizen Class

Designed to prepare you and your dog to pass the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test. Wendy is an evaluator for the AKC's program and will test students past or present when you are ready, free of charge .

Therapy Dog Class

This works on passing the Canine Good Citizen test and also adds working around distractions as you would find visiting rest homes, schools and hospitals. Hemet has a great need for Therapy Dogs and Wendy volunteers her time for testing those who are working to be certified with Love on a Leash.

Photo, on right, shows Buddy, a Therapy Dog, receiving a surprise bear hug and he looks to his handler for instructions. These dogs must be "bombproof" so they can be reliable in any situation.


Service Dog Class

If you are a person with a disability the Americans with Disability Act gives you the right to train your pet to be your service dog. These dogs must live up to a very high standard. Work towards passing the Canine Good Citizen test and learn special skills to mitigate your disability. Once their obedience is solid and they focus only on you, going as a group into public access situations helps your dog become a confident Service Dog accompanying you in stores and restaurants.

Rally Training Class

This is the new fun obedience sport, good for preparation to high levels of off leash obedience competition or simply to improve your partnership in obedience training.

All classes are 6 weeks long and $55.

Follow this link to
locations and starting dates

Call Wendy at (951) 926-2277  to sign up for classes.


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