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 Bonneville Land Speed Racing

Wendy Jeffries is Editor of the "Bonneville Racing News", a land speed racing magazine started by Wendy and Doc Jeffreis in 1989.   The news covers land speed racing events at:

  •   Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
  •   El Mirage, California
  •   Muroc Dry Lake, California
  •   Maxton, Georgia 
  •   The Texas Mile
  •   Lake Gairnder, Australia
  •   Black Rock, California

Doc and Wendy Jeffries were avid land speed racers themselves and decided the sport needed its own publication.


Doc Jeffries gained membership in the Bonneville 200 MPH Club by setting a record over 200 MPH.  The happy team is ready for a self portrait.

(Click photo to see a larger version.)


No one else on the team could fit into this little streamliner so Wendy did the driving.  She and Doc had 20 records in the rule book at one time.  Now, the Bonneville Racing News takes all Wendy's time. 

(Click photo to see a larger version.)



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