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Cat Clicker Training


Clicker training your cat has more important benefits than merely teaching parlor tricks.  It encourages our cats to use their considerable intelligence and is a fun way to spend quality time together.  It provides a more interesting life for your cat, and improves communication.  Bad habits frequently drift away replaced by the rewarded behaviors.  Problems that remain can be addressed with an arsenal of information based on the science of Operant Conditioning.

Reebok, the  cat who NEVER carried anything in his mouth, not only learned how to retrieve but also learned to retrieve over a jump.  As a side benefit, he has stopped hiding under the bed all day and comes out even if dogs are watching.


Cat Training E-mail List on the Web

Wendy started the e-mail list, "Cat-Clicker" in 1998.  Now with an international list of over 1000 members, they are exploring the benefits of training house cats.  Just like birds, if you spend quality time training your cat to do parlor tricks, bad behavior often drifts away.  You also learn lots of positive methods of solving problems like walking the kitchen counters and clawing the furniture.

URL location is

To Join Cat-Clicker, send an e-mail to:

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