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 Page Three: Training Scrapbook

A dog with a hobby is a happy dog.  If you don't supply the hobby
he will find his own! --Wendy Jeffries


1990:  Search and Rescue dogs

The Jeffries eventually left the bird business but Wendy kept training her animals.  Besides obedience, she pursued dog sports of Tracking and Agility.  

She founded the Riverside County Search Dogs Inc. in the early 1990s. Her PBGV  (Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen), named JoJo, was her trailing dog partner. 


The photo at left was taken on the day Wendy and JoJo passed the CARDA certification to become a  search and rescue team in California. 

JoJo worked as Bloodhounds do, sniffing an item belonging to the lost person, then following the path they walked.   


2000:  Therapy and Service dog training


Wendy's search partner JoJo, doubled as a Therapy Dog.  Bringing cheer to hospitals and rest homes was JoJo's second favorite pastime after searching for lost people.


Training dogs to help the disabled as Service Dogs isn't much different than teaching a bird to ride a bike or a dolphin to retrieve a dime. 

The skills they learn to help their human partners are fun for the dogs-- a good hobby.

At right, a client's mixed-breed terrier, Corky, brings the telephone.  She also retrieves dropped items and hits a button that dials for help.


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