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Page Two: Training Scrapbook

Bob Jeffries, Wendy's future husband, delivered a performing bird show to another park in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He was checking out the competition when they met.  Wendy still remembers the surprised look on his face when he, a PHD in Behavioral Psychology, realized she had never heard of Operant Conditioning.  He asked, "But how did you train all those animals?"   She replied, "I blow the whistle and throw the fish.  You mean there is more?"

She was soon to learn there was a scientific body of knowledge that could teach her (and YOU) to be a better trainer.

Wendy's next move was to California...

Bob Jeffries convinced Wendy to move to California to train birds instead of marine mammals. She actually got to stay dry!  Lila came along and helped hand-feed and look after baby macaws and cockatoos. 

Lila, the boxer, looks on with interest at a baby parrot.  Her special job was cleaning-up the messy baby food mash following the baby's dinner! 

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1980:  Parrot Mountain 

The Jeffries built Parrot Mountain, Inc. in the mountains of San Diego county.  There they raised a variety of birds.  Many performers picked a mate and started a new career producing offspring.  When the company had multiple shows going, occasionally Wendy had to  take a breeder out for a road trip.  They were incredibly aggressive in their breeding aviaries, but as soon as they were away from their nest boxes they eagerly performed trained behaviors they hadn't practiced in years.   Birds don't forget! 

When she began to train birds with her husband, Wendy's ability and success in the training of all animals was apparent.  The Jeffries team at Parrot Mountain supplied many performing birds to various theme parks and zoos in this country and abroad.

Wendy applied her training skills to teaching birds who performed in shows around the world. Pictured right is Sonya, a Greater Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, who became a bike-riding pro.


One of Wendy's jobs was coaching Gary Burghoff, best known as Radar in the M.A.S.H. TV series.  He needed to learn how to deal with the macaw who was his partner in a series of TV commercials.  Gary was a little concerned about that BIG beak and didn't believe the birds were potty-trained. 



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